Naughty Danish girl over the knee

This set comes from a 1960’s Danish magazine called ‘Petting Girls’.

A naughty 1970's schoolgirl

This is a great set!! Almost like an Adult couple doing a roleplay.

Warm Up (Part 2 of 2)

Here is the promised second part to the upload in the post below this one, a rarely seen set of spanking pics. Be sure to check out my Spanking Galleries page and the page I set up for Special Website Deals.

While you are at it, if it is spanking pics that you are looking for, I have just uploaded a fantastic 1980’s series called “Saddle Shoes” to Spanking Pics and Videos. It used to be one of my favorites a long, long time ago 🙂

Warm up (Part 1 of 2)

Here is an awesome set of spanking pics from the 1980’s. I will have to double check but I believe that all credit goes once again to Debseddy for posting them originally. This is also the 50th post for this site. Click on each pic for a full sized version.

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