A great schoolgirl spanking set

I’m pretty sure this is from the late 1970’s,could be early 80’s though.

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  • Beth Ander

    We like these pics,they show some convincing,realistic action with the strap in the very necessary disciplining of a school-girl,teenage daughter or even college girl in her early twenties. Our only objection is about the spanker:A girl or very young woman should,we think,preferably be spanked by her mom,an aunt or other caring adult woman. Beth and Beth’s mom.

  • I notice that in the final picture the tawse is striking the inside of the thigh,a particularly sensitive area as I recall from bitter personal experience.

  • Excellent finds here. The first few images are especially fantastic..

    Seem to see a lot of photos of girls spanked in front of pianos or with various musical instruments on hand–the basic ‘music teacher spanks student’theme comes up a lot,something many of us can relate to perhaps.

  • Beth Ander

    Yes,Frances,I noticed it also and I have experienced it and it’s bad! Maybe the spanker believes that each spanking should end with some extra bad pain? When I get caned on gym shorts or tight jeans,mom or my mistress will give the last 3 strokes on bare. It’s the same idea lol. Beth

  • great pics shame that most of spank mags have finished except Kane in U.K. and Janus only very rarely now i believe that the last photo set is from a Roue magazine .best wishes ,tim

  • Henry Stevens


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