Mirror Mirror on the WallMirror Mirror on the Wall

As I had promised over on http://richardwindsor.com,here are the collection of pics featuring the stern Mother. Do you think it is possible that she is spanking her 5 daughters here,one after the other? There would certainly appear to be 5 different girls taking a trip over her lap. I would take a guess that these pictures are from the 1910’s.

Richard Windsor.

5 comments to Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  • 1910 for sure. Some of these pics have been used by french illustrator Louis Malteste,who draws a lot of his marvellous illustrations closely inspired by real photographies.

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  • wow. These are among the best vintage spank photos I have seen.

  • Eddy

    Dear Richard,
    The period is indeed about 1900,but it is really not a stern mother spanking her daughters. These spanking photos featured on the back of business cards of French brothels and these girls were in fact prostitutes and the “mother”was their madam (owner of the brothel) . As a fan of vintage (erotic and spanking) photos,I can recommend a book released in 1988.
    Here are the details if you would like to buy it:
    Title:Jeux de Dames Cruelles 1850 –1960 (translates as Games of Cruel Ladies)
    Author:Serge Nazarieff
    Editor:Taco (German)
    Text:French –German –English
    All the photos are spanking photos (some of them have already been featured on the site) and this book will prove a nice source for the real fans of vintage spanking photos (I am one of them!)

  • Beth Ander

    Well,even if these photos are staged,they could and should provide inspiration for moms everywhere to reassert their responsibility for providing their teenage and even adult daughters with the corporal discipline they need! Beth

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