Granny KnickersGranny Knickers

This is part 2 of the London Life magazine post that I started in the one below this one. Seriously guys,have you ever seen a pair of drawers that big in your life? 🙂  Panty spanking survey

Richard Windsor.

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  • M

    Great photos……….traditional school knickers
    More of the same Richard

  • Very nice set of pictures. I have only seen a couple of those before.

  • The headding for this series is not quite accurate…

    If you look at newspaper and catalogue ads from the 1920s through to the 1950s you’ll see regulation cotton school bloomers and full seated knickers…panties to use the US term. These undies were meant for 12 to 18 year old girls. Note…NOT grannies.

    It seems that anything that does not resemble butt floss,or a thong,to give this ugly garment it’s correct name,is deemed ‘Granny Knickers’these days.

    My female schoolmates all wore navy school knickers in the 60s,my first Aussie daughter wore full gartered bloomers with a short pinafore smock for games in the late 70s and 80s.
    I think a site that publishes vintage spanking can do beter than to coin the hidious modern put down…’Granny Knickers.’

    Kids regards,Alan

  • The web master,

    I have lots of vintage schoolgirl outfits and undie images if you would like to publish them here. They might educate the modern spanco,hopelessly fixated on big marked arses and hidious butt floss.


  • anon

    would be nice to see some colour photos of girls in dark blue knickers being spanked
    also how about grannies being spanked?

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