Picture postcards from the 1920's

As I have mentioned on other blogs, I am off to the ShadowLane party in Las Vegas this weekend. So I am quickly trying to update everything before I go for a week so that you all have something to view in my absence.

Here are 6 beauties from the 1920’s, some even have the dates on them.

This first one is the original pic which has been cropped elsewhere, but I have the original so you can get it in all its glory.

Spanking neighbor’s survey

No one spanks quite like Grandma 😉

Look closely, there is a spanking going on.

Richard Windsor.

Swish magazine from 1978

Originally uploaded by Subp76 on Vintage Erotica, a really good spanking series. Before the pics though, here are this websites stats for the 4 months it has been going.

Visitors: 80,034

Hits: 340,514

Visitors came from: 126 different countries

Click on each pic for the full sized version.

Richard Windsor.

1970's British mag

Details are obviously in the first picture. There are only 5 pictures that I have in this set, at a guess I am missing about 10 pics from this set.

Richard Windsor.

What a tough decision I had today

Today’s plan was to raid my archive and post ‘Real’  vintage spanking pics. The choice was between the 1920’s, the 1940’s and the 1950’s. The thing that sucked was that I could only come up with 5 pics of ‘Real’  spankings from the 1950’s,  and even one of them is dodgy as it could be from the 40’s. I had plenty for the other two choices but I went with the 50’s instead and grabbed a magazine picture to round it out for an even 6 pics. Why so stubborn you may ask? Well, it’s because the top pic is such a doozy that I just had to post it today 🙂 I hope that you enjoy!!

Birthday spanking survey

Top pick of the day. A naughty Bobby Soxer getting something that she was probably used to back in those days.

This next pic is yet another favorite. From what I remember when I originally found it was that it is one Sister spanking another Sister.

Pic 3 is from a newlywed Italian couple:

Pic #4 features a well known actor who I can’t bloody remember, lol. Love the hand action.

Okay, this one could be from the 1940’s, but it is cute:

And lastly, to round out the 6 pics, this is one from a magazine article about juvenile delinquency:

Richard Windsor.

Two very old mini picture sets.

My thinking head isn’t on today, but I’m going to take a guess that both of these small spanking sets are from the 1920’s. It is interesting to note that in each set one of the girls seems to be wearing the same pajamas. Fashion statement of the time, or a pair of pajamas laying around in the photographers closet? 🙂

Richard Windsor

The mid 1970's

This was about the time that I first started discovering that there was spanking images in different magazines. For the most part there would be a single staged pic in one of my Father’s mens magazines, and for whatever reason my Mum used to get like these crime/detective magazines that would also have a spanking pic every now and then. I’m afraid I have no source for the following pics, but I always find these staged pics interesting. For instance, the clothing they are wearing, and imagining what the story could be behind each pic. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Richard Windsor.

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