Even in the 1950's OTK was the popular method

These pics are of course your standard ‘Model’ pics from that era, though the reason I have added these particular ones is because they are not the ‘common’ Betty Page pics.

A great little set from 1994

Okay, so calling this set vintage is stretching it a bit, but I have always found this girl to be as cute as a button. One of the reasons I love this set so much is the panties that she is wearing in the second pic. If you ever read the story on my main site http://richardwindsor.com about the very first spanking I ever gave, then I swear these are the exact same panties that my girlfriend at the time was wearing, and why this is such an important picture set for me. If anyone has the rest of this set please email me at houndog_windsor@yahoo.com

The pictures are from Februs magazine which is owned by Janus, and ladies, should you ever get spanked by me and you are wearing panties just like that….. then be prepared for the best “Good Girl Spanking” that money can buy 🙂

Richard Windsor.

High quality McClintock pics.

Perhaps the most talked about and most loved spanking scene in mainstream movie history. Be sure to click each pic for a full sized version, they are really worth it. Don’t be afraid to share the love and leave a message if you want.

Richard Windsor.

More Scandinavian Spanking Pics From The 60's

Another very rare vintage spanking series. (Click each pic for a full sized version)

Richard Windsor.

Some turn of the century spanking pics

First up we have a 1925 flapper by the name of Amy Cully who it would appear is getting a strap of some kind. Pity the photographers shadow is blocking it somewhat.

There is a story behind this one. 02 Mar 1922, Chicago, Illinois, USA — No more rolled stocking in Chicago. Here’s what happens when a “flapper” is caught wearing rolled stockings in Chicago. Miss Mildred Richards of Evanston started something when she playfully threw popcorn in a Chicago movie house. She was evicted from the theater, and later brought to court for having created a disturbance. Then it was found she had violated a recent edict warning against rolled stockings. Justice Witkower sentenced her to two whacks.

Now here is two postcard pics from the turn of the century, early 1900’s.

And lastly for now, two F/m spanking pics that were posted on ebay this week. The first one is from 1910 and the second one looks to me to be pre 1920’s also.

Richard Windsor

Some 1950's ebay finds.

Hey guys,

I was planning on going through my archive to give you some cool pics, but after searching ebay this week I don’t really have to do that now. On ebay I was able to find 5 pics that I have never seen before, well, I think the first one I have but the other 4 most certainly not. I hope you enjoy these unique pics and tell me that the last one isn’t scary looking 😉 My guess is that the last two spanking pics are Irving Claw photos. This weekend I am going to be in Florida for the FMS party so I won’t be able to update this page again until Monday. Maybe on Monday I will start another of the very rare Scandinavian spanking sets that I have from the 1960’s, some really high quality pics as well.

Remember to click each pic for the full sized version.

Richard Windsor.

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