Spanking in the Movies.Spanking in the Movies.

This is another category where I have a multitude of related pics. Now I also have many videos saved from various sources,but to be honest with you,my good friend Chross already has a huge database of mainstream related spanking clips and there is no point in me creating another one when he does such a fine job!! So the odd clip that I am going to post from time to time can be directly added to Chross’movie database and you can watch them all there at your leisure. I have also noticed that when I post a clip other bloggers also add my clips to their pages or databases,but as they neglect to even give credit to the original poster (Either myself or Chross) then I will not post links to them at this point either. I’m sure that like myself,Chross also spends a lot of time cropping and editing clips for peoples entertainment,so a little credit really isn’t much to ask for. So now onto the pics!! I mean,that’s what you’re all here for,right? 😉 The first one is from a 1950’s TV show called “The People’s Choice”. Now I only have screencaps for this clip,but it features Patricia Breslin spanking the naughty Carla Merey. (Remember to click each pic for the full sized version)

{Guilty as charged!! Thankfully this was pointed out to me and I am glad to correct the error. Even though I am aware of a new site coming soon,one which I will promote ad nauseam 🙂 It is only right to tell you all that the above clip was from the ‘Cinema Swats’collection which was compiled meticiously by Dan Navarro!!  Two of Dan’s DVD’s are in my collection (There would have been more but I had already purchased Eugene Bernard’s collection long before I knew Dan had compiled not only a similar collection,but a far superior collection at that) and full credit to the above scene goes to Dan Navarro. Without his tireless effort I am pretty sure that the above scene would not exist to this day. I have already shared the clip of ‘Naughty Nanette,which is another of Dan’s efforts,and I may share this one,but all others well you are going to have to buy the DVD yourself,lol ;-). Thank you Dan for not only compiling these collections,but for also providing people like myself with a fondness for mainstream spanking scenes hours of entertainment. Oh,and Dan also got to spank Kiri Kelly and I am eternally jealous of that fact:-)}

As for the question that I am sure is going to be asked,the answer is yes,I do have this clip in my database!! I’m just not sure if I will ever post it due to the content,though this site really is for historical purposes so who knows. My problem lies in the fact that there are a group of people out there who prey on finding videos like this,and the historical reference that I would post this under would somehow take a back seat to some depraved discussion,and that would not be my intent at all. The next set of pics I have already uploaded on my main blog over the last 18 months or so. As I want to add content to this website though,I will patch them all together as I’m sure some folks have not seen them yet.

The first one is a posed still featuring Joan Leslie. Someone can correct me if they want because I don’t want to spend the time looking it up,lol,but I think the movie is “Janie Gets Married”.

We also have another posed still from “Dear Brat”

Well let’s be honest,all the stills are going to be staged,but at least back then it was expected that a young lady was going to get a spanking 😉 Here is Baby Snooks as played by Fanny Brice.

And “My Dear Secretary”

And finally two more that I would have to look up the titles of the movies that they are from.

I’m not sure what I will have for you next,maybe some vintage spanking phone booth cards,or perhaps some candids from the 40’s of servicemen coming home on leave 😉 Who knows,but I can assure you that you will love them 🙂

Richard Windsor.

9 comments to Spanking in the Movies.

  • Dan N.

    You wrote:

    “I have also noticed that when I post a clip other bloggers also add my clips to their pages or databases,but as they neglect to even give credit to the original poster (Either myself or Chross) then I will not post links to them at this point either.”

    Well,give credit where credit is due,I always say. In which case,I’d like to alert you to the fact that the Pat Breslin-Carla Merey clip from “The People’s Choice”is…well,MINE.

    Please notice that in the lower right hand corner,you can see the words “Cinema Swats 5.”I put those there back in the 1990s,when I was putting together my own compilation video. C.S. 5 was the fifth edition of the series (obviously,duh).

    I’ve retired from making spank compilations,but it’s nice to see my work up on the Internet sometimes. I still like to visit these spank sites.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dan N.

  • richardwindsor

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for pointing out that I neglected to give you credit for the scene posted. You are right to do so,and even though I am aware of a new site coming out,it is only right that you get credit for the above scene. I am almost certain that without your effort this scene would never be seen again. My apologies in omitting your name the first time.


  • Hi RW,

    best of luck on the new site!


  • js666

    Of the unidentified ones,I don’t know the one on the right,but the one on the left is a publicity still from “Count Three and Pray,”with Van Heflin and Joanne Woodward. (I don’t think there’s any spanking in the film,though there is at least one threat.)

  • reza

    may name is reza
    I am from turky.
    I want download one free spank full movie.
    could you help me?


  • Hey!,I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for spanking movies. I am with you on the topic of Spanking in the Movies.. Ironically,I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Thursday.

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  • Jim in Texas

    I really admire your work at Punished Brats and your interest in classic mainstream films explains what makes your stuff so exceptional. You see spanking as part of life rather than reducing it to merely an S/M sexual fetish. Like kissing and hugging spanking has Freudian subtext but it isn’t anymore inherently about sex than a girl in a mini skirt. I like sex but I dislike neurotic obsession with it.
    There’s more to life than that contrary to a lot of what we
    get sold by certain movie moghuls in Hollywood with insecure personal identities and overpaid therapists.

  • JW

    Anyone recall the show Topper where Anne Jefferies was spanked? Excellent scene

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